Gurkha Guards

Our Gurkha Guards are recruited after verifying that they are ex- Nepalese or Indian Army personnel and are highly trained and disciplined. They are stationed and do not compromise on quality. They are taught to communicate and write in English and pick up Bahasa Malaysia in a matter of the months. They follow the designated standing orders and instructions to the letter which some may view as a fault. But for us at G- Force , prevention is better than cure.

Multi skilled Trained Gurkhas are extremely adaptable. With the benefit of first class Ex Indian and Nepalese Army multi skilled training, they are Supremely equipped both mentally and physically, to meet the requirements of even the most demanding occupation. One look at their CV will surely impress any potential employer. With a reputation for being hardworking, dependable and versatile we are confident that the Gurkhas we provide will get the job done and done well. Their unique blend of personal qualities and specialist skills win respect whenever required.

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